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3 things you should know about Green Foods

by Barlean's on January 29, 2016


Lisa Greens image
Whether you get all of your greens fresh or you supplement with high quality powdered greens, here are three great reasons to go green.

1. Green foods are energizing. Many green foods, like grasses and leafy veggies, are vitalizing to our cells. They contain micro-nutrients that help with energy production. And they don’t contain caffeine or other stimulants that could harm us in any way. Green Foods provide REAL energy—many people report feeling more energized when they start eating or drinking green foods on a daily basis.

2. Green foods are low in calories. Whether powdered or fresh, green foods offer a lot of nutritional bang for the caloric buck. So you don’t have to be concerned about piling on the calories when you eat a big plate of fresh greens, or if you add a serving of powdered greens to a smoothie or water bottle. That’s great news for people who want to lose weight or are keeping their weight in check.

3. Green means Clean! Dozens of antioxidants and those micro-nutrients found in grasses and green veggies, like parsley and spinach, help to clean our organs of toxins gently and effectively over time. So go green: in with the good greens and out with the bad toxins!


How do powdered greens measure up to fresh?

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