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Omega-7: Purification Matters

by Barlean's on November 5, 2014


Omega-7 is not a new scientific find—in fact it occurs naturally in many sources: wild caught fish, root veggies, macadamia nuts and Sea Buckthorn berries are the most common sources. But while all of these are sources of Omega-7, only Omega-7 from wild caught, cold-water fish is purified and concentrated to contain the highest percentage of the specific Omega-7 that is turning the heads of lipid scientists—Palmitoleic Acid.

Purified Omega-7 oil from fish contains a 50% concentration of Palmitoleic acid. In contrast, Sea Buckthorn Omega-7 products often contain only 20 to 28% Palmitoleic acid. In addition to having a low concentration, these other sources have not had any extraneous fatty acids removed—so along with the low amount of the valuable Palmitoleic, consumers may be purchasing fatty acids like Palmitic acid—a saturated fat that the World Health Organization puts in the same category of heart disease risk as Trans Fats! Purification really does make a difference—it ensures a high concentration of healthful Omega-7 and the removal of fats that may silently undermine our health.

So what is so head-turning about Omega-7 Palmitoleic acid? Recent studies are showing promise for lowering silent inflammation in our bodies, for supporting higher HDL and lower LDL cholesterol levels, and even for protecting important beta cells within our bodies. By the way, the recent studies showing the most promise used the 50% concentration of purified Palmitoleic acid from fish.

We are excited to announce that we have Heart and Joint Formulas Powered by Pure, Ultra-Potent Omega-7.  Our Omega-7 Heart Remedy™ will be available in mini-softgels or a Mixed Red Berry Swirl. Our Omega-7 Joint Remedy™ will be available in mini-softgels and a Mountain Berry Swirl.

Check with your local health food store – they can bring it in for you! You can also order online ( or call our Customer Service Team at 800-445-3529.


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