What's the Best Carrier Oil for CBD?

CBD Carrier OilsDid you know there’s more than just CBD in your CBD oil? All CBD oils contain an inert carrier oil, whether that’s MCT, coconut, hemp, olive or palm kernel oil.

What’s a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is just what the name implies. It’s an oil that carries another substance, much the way a perfume contains a base that carries the scent. But with CBD, a carrier oil does more than just act as a base. It powerfully influences how much CBD you absorb and utilize.

If you were to extract and dry the CBD from hemp, it wouldn’t do you much good. First, pure CBD powder would be hard to measure accurately because the doses are so small. (It’s powerful stuff!) But second, powdered CBD is not very bioavailable since it needs to be in the presence of fat to be effectively absorbed. Thus, the carrier oils.

Does it matter which kind of carrier oil is used?

We think so. In Barlean’s Organic Ideal CBD Hemp Oil and our Extra Strength Ideal CBD Hemp Oil, we use hempseed oil and MCT oil as carriers. Here’s why:

Hempseed oil does not contain any CBD. This constituent occurs in other parts of the hemp plant. So when you use hempseed as the carrier oil, you are reuniting some of the various components of the whole plant, which may work in synergy together.[1] Same goes for hemp extract and other hemp compounds, which we’ve added to the Extra Strength version. What hempseed oil and CBD don’t have is more than a trace of THC, the psychoactive constituent of marijuana. Neither will get you high.

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. Derived from coconut or sustainably sourced palm kernel oil, MCTs are easier to digest and absorb than long chain triglycerides (like the ones in olive oil). As a result, the CBD they carry is released into your system quickly. MCT oil also preserves more CBD during the extraction process than other oils. In fact, coconut oil has been called a “near perfect medium for cannabis” products because of the ease with which CBD binds to it.[2]

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