Trick Your Kids into Getting their Greens on Halloween

Halloween GreensWant to pull a fast one on your kids this Halloween? I’ve got just the plan: try mixing up a ghostly cauldron of Barlean’s Superfruit GreensTM.

For the last five years, I have had all the boys in my (now 12-year-old) son’s class over to our house for an afternoon Halloween party. Since school is dismissed at noon on Halloween, parents are generally thrilled to have some place for their kids to hang out and work off some sugar in the hours before evening trick-or-treating gets underway.  

Stealthy & Healthy

So, here’s my trick: Every year I make a point of making a big punch bowl full of Barlean’s Strawberry Kiwi Superfruit GreensTM and, believe it or not, it’s always a huge hit. The first year I mixed 1/2 cup of powdered Superfruit GreensTM with 2½ cups of lemonade and 2½ cups of water. The second year I eliminated the lemonade (using all water) but ADDED a small block of dry ice to the mix. The ghostly, smoking cauldron put those kids over the edge and just like that, I had every single boy getting a healthy dose of antioxidants and fiber from fruits, berries and vegetables – along with their pizza and cupcakes.

Recipe for Fun

Want to give it a shot? Just mix ½ cup of Barlean's Superfruit GreensTM with 5 cups of water and toss in a chunk of dry ice (a small fist-size piece will last 30-45 minutes). Double as necessary and enjoy!