Three Reasons YOU Need More Fiber!



Did you know that most adults and kids in the US get LESS than 50% of the dietary fiber they need daily?[1]

It’s true—and this is very concerning because fiber is way more connected to having great health than most people realize. So, why is having enough dietary fiber every day so crucial?

  1. Promotes Regular Bowel Function: Let’s get real—fiber is like our personal Sanitation Department. Insoluble fiber cleans our intestinal tract and helps us get rid of toxins and waste material. It cleans the “streets” and hauls away the “garbage” we don’t need building up in our intestinal tract.
  2. Supports our Immune System: Soluble fiber is the prebiotic food for the good bacteria in our gut. These friendly bacteria need to be robust since researchers are telling us that it is our gut that is the gatekeeper of our immune health. Our friendly inhabitants are the Security System of our bodies—they make sure invaders don’t find ways to get through the intestinal wall into our bloodstream and cells.
  3. Daily Fiber Lowers the Risk for Health Problems: Dietary fiber’s role in keeping us healthy has been studied for decades. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA) has noted generally, because of positive study results, that diets low in saturated fats which include a high amount of veggies, fruits, and whole grains containing dietary soluble fiber may lessen the risk of some types of cancer and heart disease[2], diseases associated with many factors. The bottom line is that fiber is super important for many aspects of your health.

How much fiber do you need? Men need about 35 grams a day and women should get about 25 grams, but expecting and nursing moms need around 29 grams a day. [3] Fiber is important for kids, too—for instance, an 8 year old needs 20 grams daily.[4] Start noticing your fiber intake. Grab some seeds, veggies and fruit!


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