The Dark Side of Blue Light

The Drak Side of Blue Light

What do computers, tablets and smart phones have in common — other than the fact that you can play Candy Crush on them? They all emit blue light, a very short, high-energy wavelength that can pose dangers to your eyes.

Why is Blue Light Such a Problem?

Short-term exposure to blue light can lead to uncomfortable eye strain. You know the experience all too well if you’ve ever had eye fatigue, blurred vision, or a headache after staring at a screen for too long. Longer-term exposure to blue light may damage the macula, an area near the center of the retina responsible for sharp, clear vision. That’s because blue light can increase the production of cell-ravaging free radicals in the macula.

Carotenoids: Natural Filters for Your Eyes

Luckily, if you spend a lot of time looking at screens, there is something you can do to protect your peepers: Make sure they have plenty of the carotenoid pigments lutein and zeaxanthin.

Lutein and zeaxanthin accumulate in the maculae. Like a pair of internal sunglasses, they naturally filter out harmful blue light. Not surprisingly, a study recently published in the journal Foods found supplementation with a combination of lutein and zeaxanthin can help alleviate some of the effects of blue light exposure.*[i],[ii]

The Proof is in the Macula

The six-month study examined the effect of taking 24 mg per day of Lutemax™ 2020 (a proprietary combination of lutein and zeaxanthin) on 48 healthy young adults who used a computer for at least six hours a day.

The carotenoids increased the density of protective pigments in the macula and improved the young adults’ performance on vision tests.* Not only that, they reduced problems often associated with heavy screen use, such as eye fatigue and headaches, by an impressive 30 percent.* Bonus benefit: Folks slept better, too.*

How to Get More Carotenoids

Lutein and zeaxanthin are naturally found in leafy green vegetables, peas, corn, squash and egg yolks. However, to reach the clinically studied dose of 24 mg daily, you’d have to eat more than a cup of cooked kale per day, which is why supplementation is a good choice.

Barlean’s Eye Remedy™ is a delicious, proprietary formula combining natural carotenoids and Omega-3s with potent antioxidants to support optimum vision, macular health and to protect eyes of all ages against damage from blue light exposure.* Eye Remedy™ contains Lutemax™ 2020, a superior form of Lutein and Zeaxanthin which filters harmful, high-energy blue light.* Our Omega Pals Hooty Fruity Tangerine Omega Pals Fish Oil + Eye Nutrition offers 500mg of essential Omega-3s along with Lutemax 2020® Lutein & Zeaxanthin plus Astaxanthin to protect eyes from digital device use*


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