January Smoothie of the Month: The Golden Goddess

1 c coconut milk

1 banana

¼ t ground ginger

¼ t ground cinnamon

1 t turmeric

2/3 c frozen mango

2/3 c frozen pineapple

1 T Seriously Delicious   Omega-3 Lemon Crème

(optional: after blending sprinkle chia seeds on top)

Golden Goddess Smoothie-2Our wonderful customers often ask for creative ways to use our products. Smoothies are one of the tried-and-true ways of incorporating the healthy stuff we make into daily life. 

The Golden Goddess Smoothie

The Golden Goddess is a tart, tropical infusion with an army of antioxidants like turmeric and cinnamon - plus a kick of ginger. It's also packed with vital Omega-3s from our Seriously Delicious Omega-3 Lemon Crème. This energizing, golden smoothie is a great way to start your day or boost your afternoon.

It's a brand new year, so get blending!