For better metabolism, eat your olive oil and take your Omega-3s!

Olive oil and Omega-3s.jpeg 

Olive oil is good for you, Omega-3s are good for you, and guess what? They’re even better together!  


Recently, researchers from three different universities conducted a double-blind study of 36 people who were struggling with their weight. i They were divided into two groups. One group consumed 500 ml (about 17 ounces) of reduced-fat milk per day. The other group drank the same milk, only it had 275 mg of Omega-3s and 7.5 g of oleate (a component of olive oil) added to it. Both groups exercised their booties off, too. 


Everyone benefitted from the high-intensity exercise: blood pressure and waist circumference were reduced in both groups. But there were additional benefits among folks drinking the omega-3 and oleate-enriched milk. The oils had a positive effect on metabolism, supporting insulin, as well as desirable levels of C-reactive protein and HDL (bad) cholesterol.*  


This was the first time anyone had studied the combined effects of supplementing with Omega-3s and oleate on a variety of metabolic factors. 


Most fish or flax oil supplements will provide more than 275 mg of Omega-3s, as does a salmon fillet or a handful of walnuts. But how much olive oil would you need to consume to get 7.5 grams of oleate? Oleate makes up 55 to 83 percent of olive oil, so even if your olive oil was on the low end of that spectrum, 15 grams, or about half an ounce, would do the trick.ii  


The perfect post-exercise meal could be a salad topped with an olive oil and flaxseed oil-based dressing. 


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