Attention, Please: Omega-3s and Omega-6s May Help Kids Focus

Kids Attention Omega3 and 6-1Omega-3s are good and Omega-6s are bad, right? At least, that’s what we’ve been told. Turns out, it’s not that simple. It’s true that the Omega-6-rich vegetable oil in cookies, crackers, and many fried foods isn’t doing you any favors. But some foods high in Omega-6s such as poultry, eggs and whole grains are good for you. And — surprise! — Omega-6s may have the unexpected benefit of helping kids pay attention.*

Omegas and Kid's Attention

Previous research has shown that Omega-3 fatty acids improve attention in boys and girls.* They’ve also been found to help kids and teens with learning skills that require focus, such as reading and processing information.*[i],[ii],[iii],[iv] It’s not just Omega-3s that are beneficial, though. A new review of studies shows that a mixture of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids improves attention in children aged six through 18.*[v],[vi]

Dr. Emma Derbyshire, a registered Public Health nutritionist in the United Kingdom, analyzed data from 16 placebo-controlled studies of Omega-3/6 mixes among kids and teens with attention difficulties. Thirteen out of sixteen studies — or 81 percent — found a positive benefit.* Specifically, kids who took an Omega-3/6 blend saw gains in overall attention, visual learning, word reading and short-term memory.*

More Oxygen to the Brain

One possible explanation for how an Omega-3/6 mix may help with attention is that it seems to increase red blood cell count, which could boost the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain.*

A Safe Alternative to Try First

Harry Rice, Vice President of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), noted that Omega fatty acids are very safe. He said for that reason, supplementation is a good first step to take for kids with attention problems before trying other remedies. Barlean’s superior absorption Seriously Delicious Total Omega  and Seriously Delicious Total Omega Vegan both provide a complete and balanced source of Omega-3, 6 and 9, and come in kid-pleasing orange cream and blueberry-pomegranate flavors.

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