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Barlean's Dairy-Free Omega-Swirl Frosting

Imagine it's your birthday and here comes the cake. Are you more excited about the cake or the frosting? If you answered frosting, then this post is for you. We made dairy-free coconut cream frosting flavored with our Omega Swirls. It's light, fluffy and the perfect topping for your baked goods. We taste-tested it by dipping freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies into the frosting. It's officially delicious.

The recipe includes two ingredients and is simple to make!


1 can coconut cream (chilled)

1 Tbsp Barlean’s Omega-Swirl


Whip together and enjoy on cupcakes, on top of fruit or by the spoonful. The frosting melts easily, so frost pastries right before serving. If you want a thicker consistency, let the frosting chill in the fridge for a few hours.