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Cupakes & Saving the Endangered Three-Toed Sloth

What do cupcakes and the three-toed sloth have in common? According to 11-year-old Shannon Barlean, a lot more than you would think! To pass time on her spring break, she joined the Barlean’s team at lunch to sell delicious pink lemonade cupcakes to raise money to support endangered species. You’ve got to hear what she had to say.

We started off by asking her where her passion for saving the animals came from. Shannon responded, “I love animals, especially the really cute ones like bunnies. But I’ve also learned to love the not-so-cute ones because they usually have the most special talents. All the animals play a role in the world because they are all God’s creation.”

Smiling baby Brown throated Three toed sloth in the mangrove, Caribbean, Costa Rica

A few weeks ago Shannon’s friend brought a magazine to school that highlighted the need to save endangered species. To give readers concrete direction on where to help, the magazine assigned different endangered species to different months of the year. Shannon was born in July, so she picked the three-toed sloth. The goal was to raise $75. “Three years ago I did a bake sale to raise money for the Lighthouse Mission and did very well. I decided to raise the money the same way.” She was very successful today and even got her uncle, Bruce Barlean, to pay $20 for one cupcake.

bake sale sign shannon

As she was packing up, we asked her what she would want people to know about saving the animals and she said, “God made these animals special. We’re hurting them and that’s not a part of God’s plan. The world is more beautiful with all the animals here!”