How do Powdered Greens Measure up to Fresh?

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Maybe you’ve heard that powdered greens are one way to get some of the veggies you need in your daily diet, but can they really replace the fresh stuff?

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing quite like a big, fresh salad made with the amazing produce you can get when greens are in season. But what about when they’re not?

High quality powdered greens can be a great way to get some of the important antioxidants and micro-nutrients that our bodies need – particularly when we don’t have the time to eat enough good green foods in fresh form. In fact, when the variety or quality of fresh greens is limited, high quality powdered greens may actually offer an edge.

Finding your perfect greens.

1. Going fresh? Look for high quality greens and seek out a wide variety, including grasses and dark leafy vegetables, like spinach and parsley. Generally speaking, the darker in color and more in season, the better.

2. Supplementing with powdered? Explore the ingredient list to be sure it includes a large variety of healthy greens in the ingredient mix to provide the nutrients, fiber and antioxidants your body needs. And look for a flavor you’ll actually use – whether you’re adding your powdered greens to a protein smoothie or mixing it straight with water.

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