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Spooky Delicious Halloween Treat



Two things are inevitable this weekend. One, we get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday night. And two, there will be copious amounts of candy around the house. While we can't deny that a candy bar or two, here and there, is something we all indulge in, we do love finding healthy and festive alternatives.

Today we created a spooky delicious Halloween treat! Apple mummies with monster goo and dirt! The apple mummies literally take NO time at all to prepare. Are the kids not home from school or sports yet? Not a problem, there is still time to whip these up. Cut the apples in half and then use the peeler to remove some of the skin. Then we took two chocolate chips and used them for the eyes.

We love sneaking in Omega-3s whenever we can. In our opinion, apples are best served with some sort of dip. We grabbed a can of chilled coconut cream and whipped it up. Then we drizzled our Orange Cream Fish Oil Omega Swirl to give it the orange color. Artificial colors? No way! All naturally flavored and colored:)

To take the dipping to the next level, we added a small bowl of our Flax Chia Coconut that adds a great flavor and texture to the mix.

And, there you go! Have fun trick or treating this weekend. Stay safe and healthy:)