Headed off to college? Don't leave your health behind.


Stock your mini-fridge with these products to support your health

The few weeks before moving into the dorms or heading back to college can be an extremely busy time full of running errands, saying your goodbyes and embracing for an exciting new adventure! What’s on your packing list? Sheets for the twin bed? Check ✓ Laundry Basket? Check ✓ The shower carrier? Check ✓ Healthy supplements? Ooopps! Totally forgot.

In the mix and mess of moving, don’t forget to spend some time thinking about how to stay healthy by fueling your body with what it needs to stay strong.

College life can be insane. I know—been there, done that. Thinking about your health often takes a back seat when rushing from class to that internship to work and then top it off with the countless social activities. But, we want to take a couple minutes of your time to talk about quick and easy ways to support your health while in college. Your body will be thanking you for the rest of your life for starting these healthy habits now!

Alright, you are busy, so let’s get started with tips to support your health in less than 10 minutes a day.

Let’s jumpstart to what we love. Omega Swirl filled with Omega-3s. If you haven’t had a chance to learn about Omega-3s and why they are so IMPORTANT to your health, now is your chance! Omega-3 is an essential nutrient needed by everyone, every day, for their whole lifetime and must be obtained through our food or supplements. It supports brain & eye function/development, integrity of our cell membranes and helps to counter chronic inflammation. Bottom line, you want to add a spoonful of this to your daily healthy regimen. Our Ultra High Potency Omega-3s in Passion Pineapple Swirl is a perfection solution and will fit right in that mini-fridge you bought for the dorm room. Slide over the sodas for one bottle of Omega Swirl. Add it to your yogurt, smoothies or take right from the spoon as you head off to that killer-math class because your brain needs all the support it can get!

What do you grab for when you are thirsty? Coke, Dr. Pepper, Energy drinks or Gatorade? These are the on-the-go options readily available for us. But, we’ve got a better way to quench the thirst. It’s much healthier, low cal and without sugar! Oh, did we mention it's packed full of the antioxidants from fruit, veggies, berries and cocoa? Fuel up with one scoop of the Chocolate Silk Greens in almond milk and it will change your mornings for the better. Need an energy boost to push through that final assignment in the late afternoon? Stock up on coconut water, add one scoop of the Strawberry Kiwi Greens bottle and you have a cool, tasty, sugar free beverage. So, grab a shaker bottle and cheers with your college roommates to four healthy, wonderful years of college!

What is that one thing you use a lot of in college? Oh yes, your brain—necessary to log in all those study hours during the week. MCTs to the rescue—the medium chain triglycerides that come from coconut oil which support brain health and energy. Not sold yet? You can also add a tablespoon to your hot cocoa or use it as a makeup remover or moisturizer after a shower. Not too bad for a bottle of coconut oil.

The warmth of summer is almost over and fall will be here in full force followed quickly by midterms and finals. Don’t stress about getting all the seasonal bugs and focus on your classes, friends and all the great parties! Add our Olive Leaf Complex softgels and the Throat Spray to your pre-school shopping list to ward off all the seasonal stuff like colds and flu. Olive Leaf Complex is a super ORAC antioxidant used as a traditional medicinal plant throughout the world for centuries. Olive leaf has been clinically studied for it it’s antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties in addition to its potential to support a healthy immune system.*

That didn’t take too long! Now it’s up to you to put it to practice! Cheers to health!


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