Feeling Hangry? Not to worry. Barlean's Snack Ideas to the Rescue!

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Snacking usually happens on the go, mostly when we are unprepared. We all know that feeling between meals and you’ve got a craving. Do you run for the Doritos bag or do you whip up a healthy snack? It’s not an easy task standing up to the cravings and avoiding the processed snacks packed with artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup. We’ve created a few quick and easy healthy snack ideas that are great for your kid’s afterschool snacks, the work commute or a much needed break during your busy day. Stay healthy, prepared and enjoy snacking!

  • Coconut Curry Popcorn. It’s easy and tempting to grab microwavable popcorn right before you watch a movie. We suggest you pop your own popcorn at home instead of the microwaveable popcorn filled with unhealthy ingredients. Drizzle melted Barlean’s Coconut Oil over those tasty morsels and add whatever spices you are craving. We especially like adding some curry to the mix. It puts a spin on the classic buttery treat. The coconut oil is ideal because it’s organic, non-hydrogenated and non-GMO.
  • Energy Flax Balls: These densely packed snacks are filled with healthy and nutritious ingredients. We included our Chocolate Silk Greens packed with more than 50 super foods and supplements and forti-flax which is an extremely rich source of Omega-3s and supplies the benefits of fiber!

They are perfect for a quick snack that will boost your energy while satisfying that sweet tooth. If you prefer less sweet, we recommend using half the amount of honey, use dark chocolate chips or remove them all together. We took all the ingredients, listed below, and mixed them together. Then comes the messy part, forming the gooey goodness into balls (if the ingredients are too dry, we add a little extra coconut oil or almond butter). Once you are finished molding the balls, stick them in the fridge to set and you’ve got a delicious on the go snack set. If these are too sweet, then add less honey and sub the chocolate chips with chopped walnuts or almonds.


1 c oatmeal

1 Tbsp Barlean’s Chia Seeds

½ c Barlean’s Forti-Flax

2/3 c unsweetened coconut shavings

1/3 c organic honey

½  c mini chocolate chips

½ c organic peanut butter or almond butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 Tbsp Barlean’s Coconut Oil

1 drop almond oil

¼ c Barlean’s Chocolate Silk Greens

  • Super Fruit Apple Slices: Bored of plain apple slices? Here is a way to spice up the classic apple. Try sprinkling on some of our Super Fruit Strawberry Kiwi Greens. It's delicious and there are more than 60 superfoods and supplements packed into this product, boasting a MEGA 8,000 ORAC antioxidant value per serving.
  • Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Dip: Fruit is an obvious healthy choice for a snack, but just like with apples, they sometimes need a pairing. With this yogurt dip you’ll not only get a healthy snack, but also a scrumptious one. Just mix together Greek yogurt and add a few scoops of Barlean’s Super Fruit Strawberry Greens. Then chill, dip and enjoy.

5) A Healthy Doughnut? For many of us, doughnuts will be a life-long struggle, making it necessary to find a healthy alternative. We found a paleo, gluten-free, non-fried doughnut that has our taste buds begging for more. Click here for the full recipe: http://realhealthyrecipes.com/2014/03/24/best-paleo-donut-recipe/. Per usual, we added a Barlean’s flare to the doughnut. We added a tablespoon of our Flax Chia Coconut to the batter and sprinkled it on top of the frosting made with our coconut oil. Not a fan of the coconut flavor in your food, but want to cook with it? Check out our culinary coconut oil—it comes with all the benefits of coconut oil, without the coconut smell or taste.