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Top 5 Tips to Reduce Sugar Intake During Halloween

HalloweenblogLast year the viral videos inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s request to tell your kids that you ate all their Halloween candy reinforced the idea that kids want to keep a tight grip on their candy. There were a few kids who instead of throwing their hands in the air and crying, “Why, oh, Why?!” actually scolded their parents about the consequences of their actions. And there were a few kids who understood that excess sugar intake isn’t beneficial to our health.

How can we harness the idea that too much sugar intake isn’t the best decision for kids, especially in light of Halloween just around the corner?

To limit sugar in a way that doesn’t cause a frenzy in your household, here are 5 tips for reducing sugar on Halloween:

  1. Choose Healthier Candy. Have you heard of UNREAL? Inspired by a 13-year-old who had his candy confiscated by his dad on Halloween, it’s a candy company with a mission to take the junk out of candy. It’s a great alternative for Halloween, especially since it has only half the sugar and double the fiber of traditional Halloween favorites. And, we tried the candy – the Snickers tastes like a Snickers!
  1. Choose Fruit. Halloween doesn’t just start when the sun sets and kids head outside to Trick-or-Treat. It’s usually an all-day event, which includes Halloween activities starting in the classroom. Instead of sending cupcakes or other sugary treats to school, try some alternatives like tangerine oranges with celery in the middle for a pumpkin alternative or banana ghosts. Keep them healthy throughout the day. Not feeling creative? Check out our Halloween Board on Pinterest – the ideas are endless.
  1. It’s Okay to Say No. You are not the Grinch of Halloween if you limit the quantity of candy consumed. Better a healthy and happy kid than a crabby kid crashing from a sugar high with a stomachache.
  1. There’s More to Halloween than Candy. Create some fun arts and crafts or play Halloween-inspired games to keep the Halloween vibes going without eating copious amounts of sugar.
  1. Hand Out Something Healthy. No one wants to be the dentist on the block handing out floss and toothbrushes, but maybe they are onto something. Include something healthy and delicious like a Barlean’s Omega Kids Swirl packet in the mix and the kids might not even notice.

How are you planning to keep Halloween healthy this year?