Q & A: Omega-7

We sat down with our Director of Education, Alene Johnson, BSNH, to get the inside scoop on new Barlean’s Omega-7 breakthrough products coming soon! Come join the conversation and read what she had to say!

Q1. If I am using Omega-7, does that mean that I do not need to take my Omega-3s anymore?

A. Everyone still needs their Omega-3s – from kids to grandparents! Omega-3s are well-studied for their important role in brain and eye development, heart health and support for our trillions of cells. Omega-7s are not labeled as “essential” fats—and the research on Omega-7 is recent, but already there is evidence that one specific Omega-7, called Palmitoleic Acid, shows promise for supporting heart and metabolic health.

Q2. What is the source of Omega-7? Is it sustainably sourced?

A. Omega-7 can be found in lots of places, including: Macadamia nuts, Sea Buckthorn berries and cold-water fish. The Omega-7 that Barlean’s uses is highly concentrated and ultra-purified from wild-caught Anchovies and Menhaden fish. And yes, the catch is monitored carefully and considered very sustainable. The best part is that this highly-purified Omega-7 called Palmitoleic Acid from fish oil, contains no contaminants or high amounts of unhealthy saturated fats like Palmitic Acid that often occurs within other non-purified Omega-7 supplements.

Q3. Are there any studies to support that Omega-7 is beneficial?

A. There are! One specific study done with 60 HEALTHY individuals showed that using just 210 mg of this purified Omega-7 daily reduced C-Reactive Protein by 50% in just 30 days. The same study also showed a 17% reduction in blood triglycerides and lowered LDL while raising HDL levels!* Pretty Amazing, Omega-7!

Q4. What is C-Reactive Protein—should lowered CRP mean anything to me?

A. C-Reactive Protein is a substance made by your liver that increases when there is inflammation in your body. Elevated levels of CRP over time indicate that there could be disease, such as heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease or autoimmune disease, present. Your doctor is likely to test your CRP levels if there are particular symptoms or as a diagnostic tool. Scientists have been reporting for the last decade that “silent” inflammation may be responsible for the beginning of many diseases. If we can help to lower inflammation in our bodies, it is beneficial to our overall health.

Q5. What are additional benefits that I might experience?

A. In addition to the beneficial outcomes noted in the study I mentioned earlier, other studies have shown that purified Palmitoleic Acid may be important to help the uptake of glucose to our cells and to help prevent fat accumulation around our livers**—both, known as “insulin sensitivity” and “ fatty liver” respectively, are connected to a larger problem that 1 in 4 Americans is facing right now—metabolic syndrome.

Q6. Why did Barlean’s make these new Omega-7 formulas in softgels and in the Swirl?

A. We know that in order for any supplement to have a chance of being effective, the consumer has to be diligent about using it! That bottle of fish oil will not do anyone any good if it just sits in the back of the refrigerator for months, right? We have seen over the years that some people want just one capsule every day—quick and easy! One and done! So we did easy-to-use, small softgels for them—the great part is that purified Palmitoleic acid is very effective at just a small dose, according to studies. So the softgels are very easy to swallow!

Of course there is another large group of consumers that prefer Omega Swirls! They like a spoon of a delicious smoothie! Some people have “pill fatigue” and welcome a supplement that tastes like a treat. Omega Swirls are emulsified, which means that the Omegas inside are easy to absorb and your body does not have to do extra work to utilize them. This is so important for people who have bad digestion, enzyme deficiencies, or gall-bladder problems, since when these people use Omega Swirls, they are able to absorb and utilize the valuable active ingredients and they do not experience a queasy stomach or “fishy” burps!

Still have some additional questions? Please comment below and we will get back to you soon!


*Martinez, L. , Purified Omega-7 in the reduction of CRP: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study