Omega-3s For Our Furry Friends



The furry friends in my life have made some of the most wonderful companions. Growing up, we always had dogs, so I was thrilled when my husband said we could add another member to our family! We knew that we wanted to adopt a dog that desperately needed a home. After much searching, we were lucky enough to find our forever friend from a local rescue. We promptly named him Ordo and the rest is history! He is so incredibly patient and gentle with our girls. I cannot help but want to spoil him!


Pet Essentials Flax Oil for Animals

Recently, while making up a batch of raw vegetable juice, I realized that I could help maximize Ordo’s nutrition by adding some leftover carrot pulp. I added this over his food to the regimen of Barlean’s Organic Flaxseed Oil (yes, the “people” variety) and Forti-Flax that I already give him on a regular basis.


Forti Flax Flax Oil Dog Food

While you are welcome to give your pet Barlean’s Fresh Flaxseed Oil like I do - the Pet Essentials Flax Oil for Animals is also available. It is virtually the same thing with some rosemary and vitamin C that help serve as an antioxidant so you don’t have to refrigerate it. It helps to support bones, joints, immune function, eye health and coat quality. The suggested use is as follows:

Pet Flax Suggested Use

Why not do something sweet for the ones that give us so much unconditional love year round!