Upcycling with Barlean's Containers

recycled containers

I consider myself a bit of a “treehugger.” When I was little, I remember weeping at the sight of a forest being logged. Fast forward many years and I’m still having a hard time throwing away anything, especially plastic or glass that can be re-used in my kitchen. With Earth Day fast approaching, I felt compelled to encourage you all to re-use those Barlean's containers that might be about to go in the recycling bin or the landfill. One of my favorite ways to store dry ingredients is in leftover Barlean’s Greens and Barlean’s 32 oz. Coconut Oil containers. They are made from HDPE non-leaching food grade recyclable plastic so they work perfectly for this. I want my children to see the value in all things - even food packaging!

This is extremely easy...

1. Simply tear off the old label.

Blank Canvas

2. Wash and dry the container.

Wash & Dry

3. Place/Pour whatever ingredients you are looking to store.


4. Cut a small piece of tape to properly label your container. DONE! Feel free to be super creative here!

Tools and Label


Here is a list of Barlean's Products which use these perfectly reusable containers (click on each product to learn more):

Do you have any Earth Day upcycling tips that you would like to share? Please post them in the comments below!