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Superfood Fiber Mint Coconut Smoothie

by Barlean's on September 09, 2016


It’s refreshing and delicious. All you could ever want in a smoothie. The cucumber and mint flavors pop to make this the perfect morning smoothie needed to fully wake you up. It’s not just the flavor we’re excited about with this smoothie, but the Superfood Fiber. Using our brand new Superfood Fiber Blend, this smoothie sneaks in 9 grams of fiber per serving coming from 11 different organic fibers like Jerusalem artichoke inulin, wheat grass and blueberry. This fiber blend was created to powerfully support your digestion and provide valuable antioxidants. And, it’s a great boost to your daily smoothie.

Barlean’s Coconut Mint Smoothie

1 ½ cups coconut milk

½ green apple, chopped

1 cup of cucumber, chopped

3 mint leaves

1 ½ cups off ice

½ cup frozen blueberries

1 scoop Superfood Fiber Blend

Blend together and Enjoy!


When will I be able to purchase fibers?  By the end of October.

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