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5 Tips for Homemade School Lunches

by Tara Goodyear on September 09, 2014

Homemade School LunchesAs summer comes to a close, getting back-to-school ready is on most everyone’s mind. Whether you’re stocking up on school supplies or trying to decide which after-school activities your child is going to participate in this year, there are a lot of details to figure out before the first day of school.

One detail to consider is what to do about your child’s school lunch. If you plan on sending your child to school with lunch, here are 5 tips to make that choice a little less stressful:

  1. Create Snack Spaces. Use resealable containers and sandwich bags to create daily snack packs that are easy to grab-and-go from a designated kitchen drawer. Also, clear out one of the vegetable/fruit drawers and designate it as the snack drawer for chilled items.
  2. Stock up. It’s important to have the right food and supplies on hand. From containers to condiments, having what you need in your pantry makes a hectic schedule a little more manageable since you don’t have to spend so much time at the grocery store during the week. Make sure your pantry is plentiful with grains, herbs, spices, condiments, and a few trusty canned goods. Plus, for those mad-dash mornings, consider keeping plenty of breakfast bars in stock!
  3. Color Code for Kids on the Go. Coordinate kids’ lunchboxes and food storage containers to minimize morning confusion.
  4. Prep on the Weekends. Chop up your fruit and veggie snacks on the weekend to prevent early morning madness in the kitchen.
  5. Feast on Fruit. Help your kids snack smarter by choosing fruit when they get the munchies. Keep plenty of sweet and tasty seasonal fruit available so their little hands have something to grab before and after school.

What makes your life less stressful when getting into the back-to-school mode?

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