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Barlean's Valentine's Day Black Bean Fudge Recipe

by Barlean's on February 02, 2012

Valentine's Day is less than 24 hours away...What are you going to do to impress your special person this year? Wouldn't it be nice to create something sweet and delicious for your Valentine that is also heart healthy? We're here to help you with that! Introducing Barlean's Valentine's Day Black Bean Fudge recipe, just in time. You're welcome! :-D

Barlean's Valentine's Day Black Bean Fudge

Serves 2-4

2 cups cooked black beans or 1 15-ounce canned black beans, rinsed and drained
¾ cup carob or cocoa powder
6 Tbs melted Barlean’s 100% Organic Coconut Oil
4-6 Tbs maple syrup or agave nectar
1 tsp pure vanilla extract or almond extract
½ cup Essential Woman Chocolate Raspberry Omega Swirl
1 tsp cinnamon (optional) or nutmeg
½ tsp Himalaya or sea salt
4 Tbs chocolate chips
½ cup walnuts or hazelnuts (optional)
Place all ingredients in food processor fitted with an “S” blade and blend until totally smooth. Mixture will be thick. Line an 8 x 4 loaf pan or square pan with plastic wrap, transfer fudge to pan, spreading mixture to edges.
Refrigerate until totally firm. Use plastic wrap to lift fudge from pan. Cut into squares and store in refrigerator.

Created by: Patti Tveit Milligan, MS RD CNS

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